Shannen Doherty Reveals Charmed Departure Amid Alyssa Milano Conflict

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Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs shared on a podcast that Shannen was let go from “Charmed” due to a conflict involving Alyssa Milano. Milano apparently gave producers an ultimatum to fire one of them or she’d threaten a lawsuit for a hostile work environment if she were let go. Despite Shannen previously claiming she left on her own, it seems her departure was orchestrated to save face after being pushed off another show.

The decision to leave was disguised as her choice to protect her career. Shannen was an original cast member, but after three seasons, her character was killed off, and Rose McGowan took her place until the show ended. Holly revealed that Milano approached the producers with the ultimatum, and Milano documented moments she felt uncomfortable on set, building a case for herself.

Despite Shannen’s kindness on set, she regrets not taking legal action and wishes she had been more upfront about the situation, as rumors about the feud followed her. Holly emphasized that today, Milano’s threats wouldn’t be tolerated. Shannen traced the feud’s start to how the show was initially promoted, causing resentment and a lack of female support between Alyssa, Shannen, and herself.

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