Thursday's college basketball lineup promises excitement with a staggering 69 games featured on the odds board.

Commencing at 11:30 a.m. ET and extending into the late hours of the night, the schedule is a true spectacle.

However, the inaugural clash of the day between Dartmouth and Sacred Heart 

doesn't seem to generate much buzz among casual bettors. 

The matchup lacks the allure of teams with a combined total of just eight wins. 

Despite this, the seasoned bettors, known as wiseguys, 

are already strategically positioning themselves on the spread and over/under.

In the spotlight of our college basketball forecast is the Dartmouth vs. Sacred Heart duel, 

with the spread favoring the Pioneers at -3.5. The anticipation builds as 

the market takes shape, promising an engaging display of strategic moves and shifting odds.